Thursday, 28 July 2016

Google Scholar access problem

Google Scholar is temporarily blocking access to RMIT. These events happen from time to time and are based on the amount of traffic going through our proxy system. Typically they take a few days and then the block is removed. In the meantime here are the best options for access:

Use LibrarySearch and make sure you log in for maximum search results.

Use To access RMIT subscribed content open the settings for Google Scholar and set the Library links option to RMIT. When you search the results will then include a Findit@RMIT option. Use these links to access the full-text.

You can also check yourself if the block has been removed. Go to Google Scholar.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

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Australian Book Design Awards exhibition

RMIT University Library is pleased to be hosting an exhibition of the winning and shortlisted books in the 63rd annual Australian Book Design Awards.

The award celebrates the 'bravest and brightest, the most original and beautiful books' published in Australia each year. During July and August you can see the exhibition at our Carlton and Brunswick Library sites.

Brunswick Library showcases books from categories including: 

  • Best Designed Children’s Fiction Book
  • Best Designed Children’s Illustrated Book
  • Best Designed Young Adult Book 
  • Best Designed Children’s/Young Adult Series

Exhibition display case with books - Brunswick Library

Carlton Library showcases books from categories including: 
  • Best Designed Fully Illustrated Book Under $50 (sponsored by RMIT) 
  • Best Designed Series (including Classics) 
  • Best Designed Independent Publication
  • Best Designed Cookbooks

Exhibition display case with books - Carlton Library

This travelling showcase has already been hosted by The University of Wollongong and The University of Newcastle and will continue its journey around Australia after it leaves RMIT.

Find out more about the organisers of these awards - Australian Book Designers Association.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Six top tips from the Library

Now is a great time to find out how the Library can help you succeed with your studies. Whether you're starting back for semester 2 or a brand new student, you can't miss these great tips.

Student holding books

Learn about LibrarySearch, pick up some research skills, find out how to get help with your assignments or any Library question and find out where we are. 

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A gladiator hiding in the stacks!

On an ordinary day in the RMIT University Library you're likely to use a textbook or an e-journal but sometimes you can discover the extraordinary. Sam Gibbard, our Metadata Standards Librarian, highlights one of the hiddens gems of our collection in this fascinating article.

Title page of book
About two months ago I was working with a colleague on some data clean-up tasks when I came upon several extremely large folio items. Looking through them, I became immediately excited by one in particular. I could tell from the paper that it was printed on that it was very old, and the illustrations within were incredible. I had to know more, so I took it to my office to investigate further. The title page revealed the following information: ”Anotomie du gladiateur combattant, applicable aux beaux arts”, written by Jean-Galbert Salvage, and printed in Paris in 1812.

The book contains extraordinary illustrations of anatomy that look absolutely incredible for when the book was produced. The detail and the exquisite quality of the etched plates really is something to behold. My curiosity was now piqued and I looked further. I discovered that we are the only library in Australia to hold a copy of this work. I also came to realise that this is perhaps one of the most valuable items held in the Library, after looking at prices of online booksellers. While this book may be valuable in a monetary sense, its artistry and story are more valuable still. After looking on Trove, I discovered an article on LibrarySearch dedicated just to this one book! “Jean-Galbert Salvage and His Anatomie du gladiateur combattant: Art and Patronage in Post-Revolutionary France” was written by Raymond Lifchez and published in the Metropolitan Museum Journal in 2009. As Lifchez himself proclaims at the start “This article is but one outcome of the intermittent but nevertheless stimulating and immensely enjoyable attempt to tell the Salvage story (1)”. Lifchez goes on to detail the backstory to this incredible book. Particularly inspired by the Greek statue called The Borghese Gladiator, or Fighting Warrior, Salvage “conceived the plan for a book that unites both the exact study of anatomy and its application to the progress of art (2) ”. He believed that his unique combination of surgeon, physician and artist enabled him, and him alone, “to make the necessary connections between science and art that would liberate the artist’s imagination (3) .”

Image of skeleton from the book
Image of two heads from the book

Salvage spent years trying to fund the creation of this atlas, and ultimately had to sacrifice his position as a surgeon in the military so he could complete the book saying it would be more use to society “than a low ranking surgeon could be (4) ”. Salvage experienced numerous delays, financial problems and bureaucracy over his 9-year journey to finish the work. Ultimately, it was to kill him in the end when he contracted tuberculosis from a cadaver. He also died with a large amount of debt, and his near decade-long struggle to fund the project highlights the complex and frustratingly slow system of patronage in the arts at that time.

The book is now safely housed in Special Collections at Swanston Library (SPE FOL 743.4 S182), and would welcome your eyes anytime.

Anatomical images from the book

1. LIFCHEZ, RAYMOND. "Jean-Galbert Salvage and His Anatomie Du Gladiateur Combattant: Art and Patronage in Post-Revolutionary France"  Metropolitan Museum Journal 44 (2009): 163-84.

2. ibid

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Monday, 11 July 2016

RMIT authors showcase - Professor Charlotte Williams

Today we are featuring a work that has been edited by Professor Charlotte Williams titled “Social work in a diverse society” as part of our showcase of RMIT authors.

Image of Charlotte Williams
Professor Williams is Deputy Dean of Social Work at RMIT University. Her research is focused on issues surrounding contemporary multiculturalism, ethnicities and race. She is particularly interested in issues of social justice and equality. Williams’ background is in social work and her current research has allowed her to pursue issues relating to social theory and policy, race theory and policy, social geography and development and theories of migration and multiculturalism. She has undertaken additional research in the areas of social work and multiculturalism in Australia, issues and conditions for newly settled migrants and asylum and refugees.

Her latest publication “Social work in a diverse society” is held at RMIT University Library. It is concerned with the concept of working with racially and ethnically diverse populations and the manner by which this is a crucial aspect of modern social work practice and planning. It brings together a plethora of academics and field practitioners whose diverse experience and background lend great insight into current issues concerning the profession. It offers observations on how best a present-day practitioner can undertake their work within modern culturally and racially diverse societies.

Find the book in the Library:
Williams, C. and Graham, M. (Eds), (2016) Social work in a diverse society, Policy Press, Bristol, UK
Image of book cover
Image courtesy of Policy Press

Other publications by Professor Williams available at RMIT University Library include:

  • Williams, C. (2015). Experiencing rural Wales In: A Tolerant Nation? Revisiting Ethnic Diversity in a Devolved Wales, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, UK

For more information about Professor Charlotte Williams, see her staff profile which includes a more comprehensive biography and list of her publications.