Tuesday, 6 December 2016

RMIT authors showcase - Professor Supriya Singh

At RMIT we are extremely proud of our academics and their contributions to research in their fields of expertise. As part of our showcase of RMIT authors, we are delighted to feature Professor Supriya Singh and her recent publication titled "Money, migration and family: India to Australia".

Professor Supriya Singh is the Professor of Sociology of Communications in the RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law and co-leads the AsiaPacific@RMIT initiative at RMIT University. Her research interests include globalization, migration, money and banking, gender and financial inclusion and the transnational family.

Her latest publication, "Money, Migration, and Family: India to Australia" tells the story of five decades of Indian migration to Australia, through the eyes of migrants and their families. It explores the shift in migration from professionals to student-migrants; the two-way flow of money between families in India and Australia, and the impact of changing methods of communication between migrants and their families. 

Read the book online or find it in the Library: Singh, S. (2016). Money, migration and family: India to Australia, Palgrave Macmillan, New York.

Other publications by Professor Singh, available at RMIT University Library, include:

Liddell, M.,Blake, M.,Singh, S. (2016). Over-represented and misunderstood: Pacific young people and juvenile justice in NSW In: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 1 - 19

Singh, S. (2015). Transnational community and money in the Indian disapora in Melbourne In: Searching for Community: Melbourne to Delhi, Manohar Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi

Singh, S. (2013), Globalization and Money. A Global South Perspective, Rowman & Littlefield, Plymouth, UK

Singh, S. (1997), Marriage Money: The Social Shaping of Money in Marriage and Banking, Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW

For more information about Professor Supriya Singh, see her staff profile which includes a more comprehensive biography and list of her publications.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Help build the Library collection for your course

With preparations underway for the 2017 academic year we encourage academic staff to request new Library materials using our recently streamlined form.

Your requests are assessed in line with budgetary considerations and on the teaching, learning and research requirements of the University.

So we can provide students and staff with easily accessible materials we purchase electronic formats as a preference. At present about 80% of our spend on resources is on electronic materials.

We encourage you to request items now.

Woman at computer

If you require further assistance or have questions about the Library you can contact your liaison librarian.

Introducing auto-renewal of loans

Great news! From Thursday 1 December, the Library will start automatically renewing loans of physical books and audiovisual items. What does this mean for you?

Library items are borrowed for an initial period of 14 or 28 days depending whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or staff. With the new system the Library will renew your items automatically, three days before the due date, for a further loan period of 14 or 28 days. This will continue until a hold is placed on an item by someone else, up to a maximum borrowing time of 12 months (3 months for CAVAL borrowers).

If an item you have borrowed has a hold placed on it, you will receive an email from the Library and you will need to return it by the due date.

Overdue fines are still 50 cents per day per loan, however we anticipate there will be less fines thanks to the automated renewals.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Changes at Swanston Library

As we prepare for the new Swanston Library in 2017 there’ll be some changes over summer. From Monday 28 November Level 5 of Swanston Library will be closed with Library services and collections being consolidated on Level 6. So what does that mean for you?

  • The entrance to the Library will be on Level 6, so you’ll need to take the lift or the escalator up one extra level.
  • The service desk will be relocated to Level 6. We’ll still be providing the same helpful service, just from a different location.
  • All the current book, journal and audiovisual items will be available on Level 6, except for the items in the Special Collections room which will be unavailable.
  • The reserve collection (4 hour loan material) will be moved to Level 6 and filed with the main book collection.
  • You’ll be able to return your Library materials at the service desk on Level 6 and also via the returns box on Level 2 of Building 8 (near Swanston St). The returns chutes on Level 5 will be closed.
  • The slide collection has moved to Carlton Library.

You’ll still be able to:
  • photocopy and print
  • use group study rooms and the silent area
  • use pcs (but not Macs)
  • get help from librarians

Librarian helping student

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service as we make the changes. Carlton Library is located close by in Building 94, if you would prefer to study in an alternative location. There are also lots of other places around the University which provide interesting study spaces.

For more information about the NAS project.

For help with Library services or resources Ask a Librarian.

We are sorry for any inconvenience in the short term and we are looking forward to sharing the new Swanston Library with you in 2017.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Staff: discover how to create interactive videos with ClickView

Great news! Uploading your own video content and sharing with students has just got easier with the
ClickView Streaming Video Platform.

A range of exciting new features are available for RMIT staff, including the ability to:
  • Transform content into interactive videos containing questions, images and annotations - allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the content within a specific video.
  • Upload your own video content (up to 5GB storage per staff member) and stream or share it with students through email, Blackboard, or playback in class
  • Create, save and share video playlists
  • Find the right video content for your courses by browsing videos aligned to VET units of competency by using ‘Albert’ ClickView’s Training Package Specialist.

Enjoy these new features today by accessing ClickView Streaming Video Platform and explore hundreds of streaming videos across diverse subject areas including arts, sports, health, education, business and technology.

Remember whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Staff and postgraduate students - you're not on your own

Liaison Librarians are here to support you - they are subject and resource specialists who provide information, teaching and research support for staff and postgraduate students.

There is a subject specialist Liaison Librarian for every subject area taught at RMIT University and they are your contact in the library, assisting:
  • postgraduate students connect with library services and resources; develop successful search strategies and manage search results; identify high impact research for your literature review and where to publish, and
  • academic and teaching staff identify and select resources to support teaching; collaboratively teach information literacy skills within courses and provide collection advice for new programs and program renewal. 

To discover the specialist Liaison Librarian in your subject area, and to find out more about the assistance they can offer you, visit the Library's Liaison Librarians page.

Best of all, Liaison Librarians are available for individual research consultations -
face-to-face, by phone, email or Skype. Make the most of this valuable service and book an individual research consultation with your friendly Liaison Librarian today!

Remember whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.

We asked if you were Happy or Not?

In 2016, the Library has been trialling a new customer feedback service called Happy or Not? We are asking Library users to rate their library experience using buttons to indicate satisfaction. 55942 responses so far and growing at about 900 per day.

For a two week period in May, Library users were invited to give more detailed feedback on post-it notes stuck on a “Feedback wall”. Your feedback covered a variety of topics including Library computers, study spaces, noise, temperature, printing and photocopying.

Here are some examples of feedback you gave us:
  • More computers please. 
  • Don't limit student computer time. 
  • More power points at the group study tables.
  • It's always quite cold in the library. Heaters please.

We value your feedback and in response we have made some changes in the Library:
  • installed extra power points to enable student's to use their own devices. 
  • changed our computer booking policy, so the number of multiple bookings available on Library computers increased from 10 to 100. 
  • relaxed Library booking policy over summer, so students can now enjoy unlimited use of Library computers and Group Study Rooms.
  • replaced the air conditioning at Brunswick Library and continue to communicate with property services to resolve any temperature issues at other Library sites.

Thank you for participating and letting us know if you were Happy or Not.

Remember whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.