Thursday, 30 June 2016

Online videos

Put a video on it! RMIT University Library subscribes to a number of online video services, all of which offer educational, informative and recreational videos, features and shorts across a range of subject areas.

Finger pressing play button

What do we have? 
We have a vast selection, here are some of our favourites:
Alexander Street includes documentaries, features, educational and informative videos and a wealth of archival material. It features transcripts that scroll alongside its videos and also allows you to create playlists and cut clips from longer videos. Not all titles are visible in LibrarySearch so click through to the Alexander Street page and browse to discover all the titles the Library gives you access to. Alexander Street also offers a free viewing program called Weekend Watching which allows you to watch featured videos which are not normally part of our subscription from Thursday through until Wednesday. View this week's selection of Weekend Watching

Click View features informative and educational shorts on a variety of topics including business, education, the arts and health. 

Kanopy includes a huge range of films encompassing the entire history of film making, from Georges Melies 1902 A Trip to the Moon to contemporary hits like The Dressmaker, based on a book by an RMIT graduate. Kanopy also has documentaries across a range of subject areas and a great selection of foreign language films. It also includes a wide range of educational titles that could be of interest to primary and secondary teaching students. Kanopy hosts RMIT’s off‐air recordings of free‐to‐air TV, making them much more accessible than in their physical VHS format.

EduTV (via Informit)
EduTV hosts many Australian free-to-air programs, and is updated daily. Programs include current affairs, documentaries, feature films, animations and edu‐tainment, with both Australian and international content. Not all titles are visible in LibrarySearch so click through to the EduTV page and browse to discover all the titles we have access to. Please note: Users may experience problems playing EduTV videos on Apple devices due to technical issues, which are currently being investigated. To solve the problem, you can try accessing EduTV via myDesktop on Apple devices, or, alternatively, you can access the database using a non‐Apple device. 

What can you do with online videos? 
There’s a lot you can do with online videos apart from just watching them in your browser. They can also be watched on devices such as smartphones and tablets (apart from EduTV, which doesn’t play well with Apple products). Videos can be embedded in a webpage, in a subject guide or in Blackboard. They can be emailed and shared on social media, played in lectures and tutorials and saved to playlists.

Discover more of the online video titles you can access.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Get answers fast - everything you need to know about Ask a Librarian!

Get help when you need it from our expert Ask a Librarian team via our live chat, phone and email service. They're standing by now, waiting to assist you online, in person and over the Fawnia Mountford, Library Officer - Reference

Do you recognise this situation?

Have you ever been working off-campus, researching online, getting lost and frustrated and not really knowing where to go for help? Or studying on campus and going around in circles, not finding the resources you need? What if there was a librarian available to chat with you instantly, who would help you answer your questions? This is where the Ask a Librarian service can help. 

What is Ask a Librarian?

The Ask a Librarian team are a group of intrepid librarians who are expert at navigating Library resources to help you find the information you need. We are available to assist you via chat, phone and email. 

We can answer all of your Library related questions and will not only give you an answer, but show you how to find it, like:
  • help you find items in LibrarySearch
  • advise you on search strategies to find relevant information
  • explain the best way to use the Library's resources
  • help you find information about Library services and facilities
  • help you check your borrowing record and renew your books.

How do I find out more?

This video shows you how Ask a Librarian works. Real answers, from real people.

How do I ask a question?

Go to Ask a Librarian.

And remember, whenever you're at an RMIT University Library site, you can always ask for help in person from one of the friendly librarians working at the service desk.

Whatever service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Moving to e-preferred

To improve access to information for RMIT students and staff, the Library has progressively been switching to an e-preferred buying strategy. This means that whenever an online version is available for new Library purchases or subscriptions - the online version will be preferred. This has been made easier as publishers have developed more effective models for electronic publishing.

We will not end up with a Library devoid of books and journals. There are some resources we’ll continue to obtain in hard copy, including fashion, architecture and other highly visual disciplines, which don’t translate so well to the online format. Also, many publishers just don’t make their resources available online.

The benefits of moving to e-preferred include:
  • 24/7 instant access: Students and staff can access online Library resources when and where they need it
  • Simultaneous user access to the same resource - you can’t do that with hard copies!
  • Increased search relevancy: Ability to search at the journal article, and eBook chapter level in LibrarySearch
  • Better Integration: Academic staff can permalink to online books/journals/streaming videos in LibrarySearch within Blackboard for immediate student access.

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