Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Borrowing from the Carlton Library over summer

Carlton Library will be closed from 18 November until 31 January for renovations.

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Will I be able to access the collection over summer?

Yes and no.

Some items will be moved to the Bundoora Library. You’ll be able to obtain those items by placing a hold in LibrarySearch.

Some items will be completely unavailable during the renovation.

Borrow now if you wish to use items over summer.

In preparation for the closure, much of the collection will be unavailable to students and staff on Thursday 14 November and Friday 15 November, as well as for the dates the Library is closed.

If you wish to borrow items from the Carlton Library collection please do so on or before 13 November. 

Where will I return an item I borrowed from Carlton?
You will not be able to return items to Carlton Library from 18 November till 31 January. You’ll be able to return your items to any other RMIT University Library site over that time.

Where can I study while Carlton Library is closed?

Swanston Library is the nearest alternative study location, with Brunswick and Bundoora Library also being open over summer (except for the end of year closedown). Find another Library location.

We apologise for any inconvenience while Carlton Library is closed but look forward to opening the all-new Library and VE Hub in February 2020.