Thursday, 1 March 2018

University Co-op bookshop closing Bundoora and city stores

The University Co-op Bookshop will be closing its stores on the Bundoora and city campuses on 8 March.

Students will still be able to order their books through the Co-op's online service.

Where can I collect my outstanding orders?
If you pre-ordered in-store or paid for click-and-collect you can collect your purchase from the Co-op store at VU City Flinders Shop 2, 300 Flinders Street.

How can the Library help?

The Library will generally hold a copy of your textbook, search LibrarySearch.

Academics: if the textbook you need is unavailable for purchase, talk to the Library about the ereserve service. We can help by scanning chapters and making them available to your students. We will also continue to collect information from you about which titles you are recommending or prescribing. This will help inform the Co-op as to likely demand and will ensure titles are held in the Library. Make sure your lists are up-to-date or contact

Alternatively, textbooks may be ordered from suppliers including:

or direct from the publishers including:

Secondhand textbook can be purchased from:

Textbooks can be rented from:

Or find the best price from: