Thursday, 22 February 2018

Researchers: want to share your data?

Research data is the information, records and files that are collected or used during the research process. Examples of research data include notebooks, recordings, survey forms, specimens and other samples, photographs or computer code required to reconstruct meaningful information.

Making data discoverable increases your research impact, assists with the verification of results and more importantly allows others to reuse the data in new research endeavours. 

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The RMIT Research Data Catalogue is a metadata publisher that enables RMIT researchers to share information about their research data across the globe. It automatically publishes this information to Research Data Australia, enabling international access and collaboration. See RMIT records 

Email to have your dataset added to RMIT Research Data Catalogue, or for more information. Sam Gibbard and Adam Rivett from the Library can assist you and advise on storage and other research data management related issues.