Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Streaming video showcase slideshows

Last week the Library presented streaming video showcases for RMIT academics at the City and Bundoora campuses. The showcases allowed us to highlight the range of ways our various streaming video collections can be used by academics in their teaching.  

For anyone who missed the showcases, you can access both slideshows below.

Part 1 - Alexander Street

The first sessions began with Julie Boyd-Reynolds and Taani Lin from ProQuest giving an overview of the Alexander Street platform. The Library has purchased perpetual access to a large number of video collections on Alexander Street, covering such diverse topics and counselling, art and architecture, sports medicine, food studies, and much more. (Tip: our collections can be browsed by clicking the "My Collections" tab at the top of the homepage). Alexander Street includes functionality that allows the creation of clips and shareable playlists, which can be used by all RMIT staff once they have created an account.  The Alexander Street homepage includes handy links to instructional videos on these functions, as well as on searching and using the video and audio players.  

Access slideshow

Part 2 - major streaming collections
In the second half of the session, Jo Gillespie and Beth Price from the Library gave a fantastic overview of our other major streaming collections - Kanopy, EduTV, TV News and ClickView. Each of these collections not only provide great content, but also useful functionality that our academics can take advantage of. Most of these platforms allow clipping, the creation of playlists, and embedding in the LMS. Of particular interest to academics is the ability to create interactive teaching resources in ClickView, such as quizzes, and the ability to upload their own video content to the platform (10GB of space is available per staff member).
Access slideshow

For further information:
The Online Videos page on the Library website provides links and information about each of our streaming video collections, and the Linking and Embedding Videos, Playlists and Clips page provides links to in-depth guides to using each of our streaming platforms with Blackboard and Canvas.  

If you have any queries about the content of the sessions, or how you can make better use of your streaming video platforms in your teaching, please contact Ask a Librarian, or get in touch with your Liaison Librarian.