Thursday, 21 September 2017

Discover six new eJournals from Nature Publishing

In this e-resource profile, RMIT University Library is highlighting new eJournals from Nature Publishing. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our users with quality resources for research and study, we are excited to let you know that the Library has purchased access to new eJournals from Nature Publishing, which are hosted on the Nature Online platform.

These highly-regarded peer-reviewed journals cover a wide range of subjects in science, including energy provision, materials science, chemistry, gastroenterology, and hepatology.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology (eISSN: 1572-0241)
Published on behalf of the American College of Gastroenterology. Aimed at practicing clinicians, AJC is a leading clinical journal covering the varied topics and research in gastroenterology and hepatology. Areas covered include: the colon and small bowel, endoscopy, the oesophagus, functional GI disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, the liver, the pancreas and biliary tract, pathology, paediatrics, nutrition/obesity, and the stomach.

Nature Energy (eISSN: 2058-7546)
First published in January 2016, Nature Energy is a monthly publication that focuses on the continuing discussion surrounding the many aspects of energy provision, with a particular interest in studies that further the development of future solutions and next-generation technologies.

Nature Reviews - Chemistry (eISSN: 2397-3358)
A brand new journal, launched in January 2017, Nature Reviews - Chemistry takes the perspective of both the traditional core subjects of chemistry - organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical - while also looking at the perspective of interdisciplinary research where chemistry is a major component. These areas include (but are not limited to): chemical biology, chemical physics, materials science, and nanotechnology.

Nature Reviews - Gastroenterology and Hepatology (eISSN: 1759-5053)
Nature Reviews - Gastroenterology and Hepatology contains content written by both academics and researchers, focusing on the many varied topics within the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology through research, opinions, and history.

Nature Reviews - Materials (eISSN: 2058-8437)
Another monthly publication which began in 2016, Nature Reviews - Materials aims to cover the entire process of materials science, from the initial laboratory discovery to functional usage.
In addition, we will soon also have access to the Elsevier journal Gastroenterology. We are always adding new resources, so keep an eye out for this title and many more to come.

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