Thursday, 17 August 2017

More books and study spaces at Swanston Library

The newly refurbished section of Building 8 Level 6 at Swanston Library is now open. It's one of the last Library pieces of the NAS renovation puzzle. 

New features in Building 8 Level 5 and 6 include:

More study spaces
Discover over 240 extra seats, with power, giving you more places to study.

Photo of new Library spaces

60,000 more books on the shelves
Over 60,000 books will be coming back into the Library from long term storage. Search for them in LibrarySearch.

Photo of extensive Library book collection

In coming weeks you'll notice some changes as we move the Library collection from Level 5 to Level 6 and move items back from storageYou can use and enjoy the new study spaces now but as we're moving the book collection around there might be some light disruption for a little while.

AFI Research Collection
The entrance to the AFI Research Collection, on Level 6, is now via the Library entrances in Building 10 Levels 5 and 6.