Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Looking for facts? You need the Library Fact checking guide

Sick and tired of reading Fake News?

Looking for a useful guide to help you sort fact from fiction?

RMIT University Library is here to help!

In consultation with RMIT ABC Fact Check Unit coordinator Russell Skelton, the Library has created a Fact checking guide.

In a complicated world full of fake news stories and misinformation this guide is full of useful resources to help you sort fact from fiction.

The Fact checking guide includes a: 
  • guide to fact checking sites like RMIT ABC Fact Check which assesses the accuracy of claims made by public figures, politicians and institutions involved in public debate 
  • fact checking toolkit for accurate news sources, statistics, political transcripts, company information and images 
  • list of websites that identify fake news and hoaxes 
  • guide to evaluating resources and skills to help you spot fake news 

Access the guide

"In a political milieu swirling with claims and counter claims, fact checking can provide an antidote to ignorant, wrongheaded and deliberate falsehoods." Russell Skelton, Director of RMIT ABC Fact Check.