Monday, 19 June 2017

RMIT authors showcase - Professor Rob Watts

At RMIT University Library we are extremely proud of our academics and the contributions they make to research and innovation in their fields. As part of our showcase of RMIT authors, we are delighted to feature Professor Rob Watts and his latest publication, States of Violence and the Civilising Process: On Criminology and State Crime, from series: Critical Criminological Perspectives, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016.

Professor Watts is Professor of Social Policy, in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University. His interests include policy studies, ethics and good practice, applied human rights and Organisational studies.

In his latest publication, States of Violence and the Civilising Process: On Criminology and State Crime Watts explores a wide range of academic sources and intellectual history to show how state crime in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has often eluded scrutiny by criminologists and sociologists. He then develops a framework for thinking about crimes of the state that links up a  study of policy and an ethical inquiry into why and how people do bad things to other people.
Find the book in the Library: 
Watts, R. (2016). States of violence and the civilising process : On criminology and state crime. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

New book due for publication later this year:
(June 2017)  Bessant, J., Farthing, R., & Watts, R. (2017) The Precarious Generation: A Political Economy of Young People. Routledge
Other recent publications by Professor Watts, available in the Library include:

Watts, R. (2017). Public universities, managerialism and the value of higher education. London: Palgrave Macmillan (imprint is published by Springer Nature).

Bessant, J., & Watts, R. (2016). Indigenous Digital Art as Politics in Australia. Culture, Theory and Critique, 1-14.

Watts, R, & Mays, J., Marston, G., Tomlinson, J. (2016). Running on empty: Australia's Neoliberal income security system, 1988-2015. Palgrave Macmillan (London, United Kingdom).

Bessant, J, Watts, R, & Lisa Young, Mary Anne Kenny, Geoffrey Monahan. (2016). Children and the law: An historical overview. Lexis Nexis (Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia).

Bessant, J., Farthing, R., & Watts, R. (2015). Co-designing a civics curriculum: Young people, democratic deficit and political renewal in the EU. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 1-19.
For more information about Professor Rob Watts, see his staff profile which includes a more comprehensive biography and list of his publications.