Thursday, 15 June 2017

Discover Gartner @ the Library

In this e-resource profile, RMIT University Library is highlighting Gartner, the leading provider of research and analysis on the use of information technology. Gartner’s extensive database includes research findings on a wide range of IT-related topics, including analyses, opinions, trends, leading practices and case studies. Gartner analysts distil large volumes of data into clear and usable advice for practitioners

All academic and professional staff - Join us at Swanston Library Megaflex room on Thursday 29 June 11-12pm for an introduction to using Gartner Core Research.

Updated daily, you’ll find research and analysis on:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • customer relationship management
  • service platforms
  • strategic technology trends
  • social learning
  • IT in Education
Gartner is applicable to all business, computer science and marketing students. Students in law and finance can benefit from learning about cyber security issues and procurement strategies for technology. Gartner will also appeal to a wide variety of University staff.
Managers and IT staff could use Gartner to:
  • validate technology decisions
  • improve infrastructure
  • analyze industry trends 
  • explore best practices 
  • leverage their vertical focus on education technology 
  • benchmark and assess IT services

Academic staff could use Gartner to:

  • stay current with the rapidly changing IT industry
  • ensure your relevancy in the classroom with fact-based data 
  • enrich your students’ experience with insight into the use of technology and solving business problems 

Please take full advantage of this impressive service. Explore Gartner.