Monday, 16 January 2017

Staff - don't get caught out by copyright confusion!

Confused about Copyright? Are you looking for film and television programs you can use for teaching purposes, but want to make sure they are copyright compliant? Or not sure how to find images to use in a presentation?

Don't get caught out by copyright confusion - no matter what copyright advice you need, the Copyright Management Service team are available to assist you. Best of all, they have created step-by-step information guides to help you navigate copyright rules.

Contact them for informed advice and permission seeking in the use of copyright works within RMIT, for Staff, Academics and Teachers. For more information on RMIT's Copyright Resources, have a look at the Copyright Library Subject Guide. It shows you how to:
  • Select images for a presentation: To find images for use in a presentation or for teaching purposes (for example, for inclusion on a PowerPoint presentation) use the RMIT University Library image databases 
  • Find film and television programs you can use for teaching purposes: Use the RMIT University Library film and television database guidelines to find film and television programs for use in a presentation or for teaching purposes.This will ensure the video and images you are using are Copyright compliant. 
  • Make course-related readings available online to your students: Visit the Library's eReserve and linking service. The eReserve team will ensure copyright compliance and add the compulsory copyright notice to the scanned document. 

Another useful tool developed for the Australian Higher Education sector is the Open Education Licensing Toolkit. The OEL Toolkit  is a decision-tree web application to help academics and researchers navigate copyright law and open education licenses, providing -
  • a handy tool for understanding the various licenses and rules surrounding the legality of using copyrighted material.
  • a highly navigable interface, with a mouse-over glossary to clarify terminology.

For more information about this tool and the Open Education Licensing Project visit the OEL Toolkit website. 

Remember whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.