Wednesday, 16 November 2016

We asked if you were Happy or Not?

In 2016, the Library has been trialling a new customer feedback service called Happy or Not? We are asking Library users to rate their library experience using buttons to indicate satisfaction. 55942 responses so far and growing at about 900 per day.

For a two week period in May, Library users were invited to give more detailed feedback on post-it notes stuck on a “Feedback wall”. Your feedback covered a variety of topics including Library computers, study spaces, noise, temperature, printing and photocopying.

Here are some examples of feedback you gave us:
  • More computers please. 
  • Don't limit student computer time. 
  • More power points at the group study tables.
  • It's always quite cold in the library. Heaters please.

We value your feedback and in response we have made some changes in the Library:
  • installed extra power points to enable student's to use their own devices. 
  • changed our computer booking policy, so the number of multiple bookings available on Library computers increased from 10 to 100. 
  • relaxed Library booking policy over summer, so students can now enjoy unlimited use of Library computers and Group Study Rooms.
  • replaced the air conditioning at Brunswick Library and continue to communicate with property services to resolve any temperature issues at other Library sites.

Thank you for participating and letting us know if you were Happy or Not.

Remember whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.