Monday, 15 August 2016

Study smarter

Set yourself up for success. The Library’s online tutorial iSearch will give you a head start into the world of finding, evaluating and using information for your uni assignments. Watch a video, take a test and learn some great tips and tricks to give yourself the edge.

To get you started our liaison librarians have selected some highlights from iSearch:

Image of owlWhat is referencing?
Referencing is when you acknowledge or cite the source
of the information or idea you used in your assignment. Play against the Referencing Ninja

Analysing your assignment 
It's important to understand what your assignment topic means before you start your research. Don’t waste time and save confusion! Develop your skills in the analysing an assignment topic activity.

Identifying keywords
To search effectively you will need to learn how to identify keywords and think of alternative words. This exercise will help you identify keywords and alternative words.

Evaluating information sources
Do you want to know whether the information you have found for your assignment is credible and reliable? Take the CRAAP Test

What's a scholarly source?
Have you been asked to use scholarly sources for an assignment but you’re not sure exactly what this means? This super video explains what a scholarly source is, and where to find them.

Searching Library databases
Through the Library you have access to many databases of online resources. Discover what a Library database is, how to choose a database and how to search them effectively.