Monday, 22 August 2016

RMIT authors showcase - Buxton, Goodman and Moloney

At RMIT we are extremely proud of our academics and their contributions to research in their fields of expertise. As part of our showcase of RMIT authors, we are delighted to feature a work that has been authored by three academics within the School of Global, Urban & Social Studies at RMIT University, titled,“Planning Melbourne: Lessons for a sustainable city”

Book cover Planning Melbourne : lessons for a sustainable city
Professor Michael Buxton has been at RMIT University since 1998 and now heads a research team carrying out extensive research into peri-urban regions; Dr. Susie Moloney’s background is in the area of urban planning and environmental sustainability and Professor Robin Goodman's research focuses on a range of aspects of urban planning and public policy.                                                                   
Their recent publication “Planning Melbourne: Lessons for a sustainable city” is held at RMIT University Library. The book explores Melbourne’s identity and identifies the city as a socially integrated and environmentally sustainable metropolis.

Current issues, including housing affordability, transport, protection of green areas and heritage and urban consolidation are considered. They focus on the past two decades of development and call for a new approach to governance and spatial planning in the city.

Read the book online or find it in the Library:

Buxton, M; Goodman, R and Moloney, S, (2016) Planning Melbourne: Lessons for a sustainable city, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, Australia

Other publications by these academics, available at RMIT University Library, include:

For more information about these authors, including a comprehensive biography and list of their publications, view their staff profiles here: Professor Robin GoodmanProfessor Michael Buxton and Dr. Susie Moloney.