Friday, 5 August 2016

Library subject guides - here to help you, so you won't lose your way

Need help getting started with your research? Beginning an assignment, but not sure where to start?

Library subject guides are here to help you, so you won't lose your way!

How will Library subject guides help me?

Don't waste any more time searching in the wrong place. Use your Library subject guide to find the best information available in your subject area.

Our expert librarians have created these guides to assist you in your research - so you know what you’re searching will be good quality.

Best of all, the Library has online subject guides for all subject areas taught at RMIT. 

So, what are you waiting for - pick your subject guide and get started! You can access your guide anywhere, anytime, using any device!

How do I find out more?
This video shows you how Library subject guides can help you find the information you need

Whatever Library service you choose, you're in good hands. We're here to help.